Claaskhatla33 Building Construction

It is a well-established construction business. Which was founded in 2016 by Niclaas Mokhatla, who was born in Soweto and raised in a small town called Naledi. In his early years of prep-school, Niclaas was abandoned by his parents and left to fend for himself.

But with God’s grace, he was taken in by a wonderful family in Snake Park and they cared for him up until his early years of High School. Of which he moved back to Naledi and continued to fend for himself through part-time jobs which, included cutting grass in the neighborhood and also assisting in construction work.

When he saw that he was good at it, Niclaas started focusing more on construction and gained a lot of experience, and love it. Which led him to start his own business and continue to change lives through his gift.


Our core value ties in with our brand promises, which is to deliver a quality and unique solution on time and within budget. Committed to client's satisfaction, meeting the desire, we aspire to build our country in all aspects of nation-building by providing leaders and mentoring to our people to appoint of self-sufficiency in all shares of development.


To assist our government nationally, provincially, and at the municipal level to achieve their objectives through providing professional support in strategic planning, reviews, project management, training and skills development, and monitoring.

Engagement in and support for local government integrated development plan and economic development strategies by creating more jobs. To become a pioneer in the upliftment of our poverty-stricken people economically and socially to promote self-reliance, sustainability, and spirit of ubuntu(humanity).


To take advantage of the development space and grow our business into a sustainable organization and entity through the utilization of local skills, expertise and thus:

  • 1. Help uplift the socio-economic status of our society.
  • 2. To improve the living standard of our people by facilitating leadership and skills in all the jobs they are involved in and so inculcate the spirit of self-reliance help uplift the socio-economic status of our society.
  • 3. To grow, develop and provide outstanding customer service base through continuous communications with our clients and ensuring and increasing our competitiveness.

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